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4 Things You Need to Know About Passion & Purpose-Driven Work

August 3, 2020

#055: Have you been thinking of starting a side hustle or passion project? Whether you’re seeking an extra stream of revenue in these uncertain times or you just want to find more fulfillment in your work, it’s all worthwhile. Times have changed dramatically since our parents started their careers, and it’s time to take note of this. Today, I’m sharing four things to consider that will help you rethink some of those old narratives about what it means to pursue passion and purpose-driven work. It’s time to make that passion work for you. 


(04:22) Recognize that passion and purpose-driven work can pay well 

(07:18) Why your passion isn’t static and it’s okay if you don’t know what yours is right now 

(9:18) Why it’s important to know that just because you love it, doesn’t mean it’s always fun 

(12:03) Why you shouldn’t be afraid to start small 

(16:19) Why you can’t afford to wait to build your passion and purpose-driven business 


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