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5 Steps All Women Can Take to Reach Financial Security with Jean Chatzky

April 30, 2020

#028: In today’s episode, I’m talking with Jean Chatzky, a long-time financial journalist, who created HerMoney Media—an extension of her successful HerMoney Podcast—to encourage more women to embrace the sometimes uncomfortable topic of money and how it can be used to help them live less stressed, more purposeful lives. 

Jean will share with us her 5 simple, but very important, steps that all women need to take to reach financial security. After listening, you’ll have learned the importance of earning a decent living, spending less than you earn, how to tell if your retirement is on track, and so much more. Reaching financial security is possible, and this episode will show you just how simple it can be for you. 

(07:01) Jean’s 5 basic steps that all women need to take to reach financial security 

(09:23) Why it might be a good idea to stay in the workforce even if child care is eating up most of your salary 

(22:08) Jean shares her experience and opinion on whether or not real estate is still a good option for investing your money 

(32:41) How you can decide how much is enough to save when it comes to your complete investment portfolio that secures your retirement 

(37:06) How to use an allowance system as a tool to teach your children how to make smart choices with a limited resource 

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