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April Mailbag: Inheritances, Retirement Resources, & Leaving Your 9-5

April 29, 2021

#105 For this episode, we asked the mamas in our free Mamas Talk Money Community on Facebook to send us their questions. If one person in our community has a question, there are no doubt others wondering the same thing.

Today we’re going to discuss more specifics about inheriting money, retirement resources, leaving your 9-5, and more!

(00:58) Our first question comes from Jacqueline who asks, "My husband and I would love to move out of the country at some point soon. When we do, what happens to our retirement and any other investment accounts?"

(6:22) Alice wonders - "We're inheriting some money from in IRA which apparently we have to take out in the next ten years. What do we need to know to be smart about this?"

(10:14) Robin asks, "At 65 and 60 my husband and I feel like we are still "adulting." What are some resources that can help you decide when you can retire?"

(14:45) Tiffany wants to know, "Are there any good podcasts or blogs you’d recommend for Smart Money daddies? My husband is intrigued by all that I’ve been learning, and I might have actually inspired him a bit with my hard work!"

(17:25) Our last question is a fun one: "What did you say to your boss when you decided to leave the corporate world and start SMMs? How did the conversation go?"

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