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April Mailbag: Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, & Retirement Planning

April 27, 2020

#027: Still have questions about financial security during these times of financial uncertainty? We’ve got you covered in this special Q&A style episode made possible by the mamas in our Mamas Talk Money Facebook community

Whether you want to learn more about different types of insurance and long-term care or retirement planning strategies, today’s episode will help to clear the confusion surrounding some of the most common questions regarding financial security. 

(01:22) How life insurance works and what the difference is between whole and term life insurance 

(06:44) How to prioritize insurance premiums when you might be struggling each month financially 

(10:46) How does critical illness insurance work? 

(12:27) Is pet insurance a good idea? If so, what should you keep in mind when shopping for insurance? 

(15:340 Is a 401K still the best vehicle to save money in? 

(18:27) How much should you be saving for retirement? 

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