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Clear Out the Head Trash That‘s Crushing Your Success with Renie Cavallari

September 2, 2021

#122 Today I'm talking with Renie Cavallari. She's the author of Head Trash and CEO of Aspire- a leadership development, training and consulting firm. Renie is an expert at helping people stop sabotaging their own success by helping them trade their anxiety and fear for bigger potential, and a better quality of life.

We're talking about how to identify your own head trash, why mindset work really is the most important work, and why the quality of the questions you ask can determine the quality of your life.

(5:33) Not sure what head trash is? Find out right here

(8:50) Discover how to identify your disconnected thoughts faster

(11:41) This is why mindset is absolutely the most important work

(14:16) Do you know which of the Four Big Lies you're believing?

(32:48) Here are some strategies to practice dumping your head trash

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