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Creating More Freedom in Your Finances While Enjoying the Journey with Kiersten Saunders

April 2, 2020

#020: Do you crave more options and greater freedom in your finances? You’re definitely not the only one. Obtaining financial security can sometimes feel impossible, but if we can learn to identify the emotional roadblocks standing in our way, the journey can be so much smoother—even enjoyable. 

In this episode, Chelsea talks with Kiersten Saunders of Rich & Regular, a blog dedicated to the simple goal of providing an honest, informative take on how to improve your life through mastering personal finance. She shares how she and her husband overcame their differing views of money, the steps she took to permanently change her money habits, and how you can become better with your money and find success on your own journey to financial security. 

(08:10) Kiersten explains her and her husband’s differing views on money and how their first discussion about finances came about 

(15:58) The first steps Kiersten took to change her money habits permanently 

(26:08) How she and her family decided what kind of house they wanted, how much they would spend, and what worked best for their family 

(35:37) The first steps you need to take in your own journey to become better with your money 

(38:40) Kiersten talks about why her main focus is creating more black millionaires and how her platform is changing the narrative 

(43:41) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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