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Failing Forward & Knowing Your Worth as a Business Owner with Jamila Souffrant

February 27, 2020

#010: Having the courage to take risks and go after your biggest money goals can be exciting and scary all at the same time. And more often than not, the fear of failure is enough to keep us playing it small. But failure will always be a part of the process. Learning to embrace the failures and view them as an opportunity to learn from is the key to creating success. 

In today’s episode, Jamila Souffrant - founder of Journey to Launch - shares how she knew two things from an early age: she wanted to be rich and she wanted to work for herself. We’ll explore how that mindset has led to a more profitable business and how her failures have actually made her a more successful business owner. She’ll motivate you to create your own confidence to go after your biggest goals without being afraid of the failures that may come your way. 

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