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Growing Wealth as a Kickass Single Mom with Emma Johnson

March 19, 2020

#016: As a single mom, it can seem impossible to build wealth, let alone make enough to support your family, right? The narrative out there for single moms makes us believe that we have to struggle to support our little ones while trying to earn enough to make it by. 

In this episode, Chelsea talks with Emma Johnson, founder of Wealthy Single Mommy, the world's largest platform for single moms. Emma shares how she’s empowering moms from all over to break the narrative out there that says it’s next to impossible to build wealth and security as a single parent. 

Episode Highlights: 

(04:31) Emma shares her backstory and how she was able to go from struggling with her finances to a wealthy single mama 

(09:48) How to start to change your mindset surrounding finances and how to not feel ashamed about where you’re at right now 

(17:02) How Emma encourages women in her community to release the anger towards their exes 

(25:06) How to overcome mom guilt when you’re a working mama 

(31:21) Emma’s 3 key pieces of advice to surviving and thriving as a single mom 

(51:49) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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