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How One Woman Used Her Language Skills to Launch a Business with Sarah Farzam

August 19, 2021

Today I'm talking with the founder of Bilingual Birdies, Sarah Farzam. Sarah is sharing her journey of launching her business back in 2006, which was entirely bootstrapped. Through this language learning program, children can learn Spanish, Mandarin, French, and English through an engaging mix of song and play.

Learn how Sarah is also helping others start their own business teaching kids and families in their local community. She'll share all about how you can get paid to play too!

(2:09) Learn what it was like growing up in a household speaking 3 languages 

(4:28) Hear about how Bilingual Birdies was brought to life 

(13:22) This is how Sarah managed to bootstrap her business

(14:42) Hear why Sarah’s secret to success was learning to fail fast 

(27:59) Discover how you can use your language skills to launch your own Bilingual Birdies business in your area

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