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How to Be a Hero in Your Finances so You Can Build Wealth with Candice Latham

July 16, 2020

#050: In today’s episode, we’re talking to Candice Latham, who has built a personal brand that helps people be the hero in their finances, get out of debt, and build wealth. Candice also used her skills from her 9-5 agency job to start her own design business on the side, which allowed her to reach her big money goals—like paying off $47,000 in debt and going from a negative net worth to positive one—much faster. We’re going to discuss how our histories with money impact our money beliefs and behaviors, what moved Candice from just learning about money to actually getting out of debt, and how you can grow your wealth. 

(02:23) Candice explains why race and politics are so deeply tied to money  

(05:58) After college, Candice began her debt-free journey and she shares her story of how she did it 

(11:23) Her strategy for how she paid off her credit card debt, which included a “Debt Slaying Challenge” 

(18:45) Why she started her second business on top of her full-time income from marketing 

(26:33) Candice’s advice on where you can get started with your own debt-free journey 

(32:08) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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