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How to Become the Queen of Your Finances with Jen Hemphill

September 17, 2020

#068: In today’s episode, I’m talking with military spouse, accredited financial counselor, and host of the Her Dinero Matters podcast, Jen Hemphill. Jen discovered her own financial confidence when she took a deep dive into her money story to unlock some mindset traps. We’re talking about why your money story matters, how to productively explore financial topics with your spouse, and how Jen jumped into a career after being a stay-at-home mama for many years. 

(11:11) How Jen discovered that the non-monthly expenses were causing a lot of money headaches in her home 

(25:09) Listen to Jen’s money story and why she never asked for money from her parents growing up 

(30:09) How a virtual envelope system could work for your family 

(35:35) What helped Jen pursue her own career after being a stay at home mom for so many years 

(49:40) Jen’s best tips for budgeting as a military family 

(54:20) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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