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How to Brag Better & Advance Your Career with Meredith Fineman

June 16, 2020

#041: How can you advance your career and get noticed if you hate talking about yourself? Knowing how to own your achievements and celebrate them is a major key to success, particularly for women. It’s time we become confident in raising our voices in support of our skills and learn how to brag better.  

In today’s special bonus episode, I’m talking with Meredith Fineman, founder and CEO of FinePoint, a leadership and professional development company, and author of the new book Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion. She’ll explain the 3 pillars of bragging better, why it’s important to model that for our children and the other women around us, and some tips for being more strategic with your resume and bio. By the end of this episode, Meredith will have you feeling empowered to go out and take ownership of your success.  

(03:42) Meredith explains “the qualified quiet” and shares the 3 pillars of bragging better  

(10:16) What being proud (pillar 1) and being loud (pillar 2) really mean when talking about yourself  

(17:09) Why being explicit is important for effective communication, especially in online and virtual settings  

(19:39) Ways to brag better in your bio and on your resume  

(26:51) How working backwards from your goals helps you be strategic (pillar 3)  

(33:15) The difference between self-deprecation and verbal undercutting  

(39:38) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways  

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