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How to Determine Your Family Money Values

May 4, 2020

#029: The practice of defining your family money values is an incredible way to start or improve money conversations with your loved ones. In today’s episode, we’re going to walk through the big pillars of defining your family money values—from how to start these conversations and how to decide what your family’s values are to tips for defining your long-term vision and incorporating your kids into the conversation. When your family has a shared value system and money narrative, everyone knows what’s important and how financial decisions are made, and that gives you all focus as your work toward your family’s financial goals. 

(03:22) Why identifying the money stories, hang-ups, and beliefs you and your spouse have is a crucial first step 

(07:44) How to decide what your family’s life values are 

(09:23) Tips for deciding what security means for your family 

(11:44) How to define your priorities and create a long-term vision 

(14:20) Ways to incorporate your kids and the money lessons you want them to learn 

(16:53) The importance of choosing family money mantras 

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Family Money Values Template:

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