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How to Effectively Work From Home with Kids with Mary Beth Ferrante

June 22, 2020

#043: Are you still struggling to manage your career, parenting responsibilities, and relationships while trying to work from home with kids? In this episode, I’m talking with Mary Beth Ferrante, founder of Work 360, a platform designed to help working parents thrive in their careers and as caregivers, in addition to helping companies create policies that attract and retain working parents. With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, Mary Beth will be sharing her best advice on creating open communication at work, starting a greater conversation about parenting with your spouse and others, and setting boundaries that will help you more effectively manage everything on your plate. 

(04:59) How to approach the conversation with your spouse about setting up a work-at-home schedule that works for everyone 

(08:58) How to have conversations with your employer, in times of such uncertainty, to let them know you may need additional support working remotely 

(18:22) How to ensure going forward that any underlying health conditions you may have are kept confidential at work with new guidelines in place 

(24:07) How to manage all the responsibilities of the home, prioritize tasks, and involve everyone in the home while working from home 

(29:10) How to fit self-care into all of this and make sure that it becomes a priority as a mom 

(39:24) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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