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How to Encourage Your Picky Eaters to Eat in Color with Jennifer Anderson

May 20, 2021

#108 In today's episode I'm talking with registered dietician, mama, and founder of Kids Eat in Color, Jennifer Anderson. Jennifer is an expert in helping parents help their kids develop a healthy relationship with food by reducing the stress of mealtime battles. 

We're talking about managing food waste, the unnecessary scare tactics used in food marketing, and how to encourage choices with boundaries at mealtimes. 

(5:27) Learn why offering smaller portions may solve a lot of the power struggles at mealtimes 

(7:35) Find out why food marketing has made us feel terrible if we can't afford to feed our kids "fancy foods" or organic foods 

(18:35) Do you know what a food desert is? Here are some tips for feeding your family if you live in one 

(25:38) This is how you can manage the stress of food waste on the days your kids aren't eating what's available 

(31:26) Find out how you can successfully navigate food battles with "extreme" picky eaters 

(55:08) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 


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