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How to Have “The Talk” With Your Parents About Aging & Money with Cameron Huddleston

May 21, 2020

#034: Remember when your parents had the birds and the bees conversation with you? Well, now it’s your turn to sit down with your parents for “the talk”. Talking about aging and money with our parents can be scary - but it is so necessary in order to avoid harder situations in the future. 

In this episode, I’m talking with Cameron Huddleston, author of Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk. She is going to walk us through how to start these conversations with our parents, why it’s so important, how to make the situation a little easier for both us and our siblings, and what to do if your parents just don’t want to have this talk with you. This episode is eye-opening and will definitely have you thinking about your parents' future—and your own. 

(10:03) What happens if you don’t have the proper documentation in place before your parent(s) becomes incompetent 

(14:19) How to navigate these conversations with your siblings ahead of time and why you should do it before even talking with your parents 

(19:20) How to present the different options to your parents in a way that doesn’t make them feel like they’re being shipped off to a nursing home 

(32:31) When you should actually start to have these conversations with your parents 

(42:05) What you can do if your parents just really don’t want to have “the talk” with you 

(48:40) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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