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How to Make Motherhood, Work, and Life More Sustainable with Blessing Adesiyan

June 15, 2020

#040: In today’s episode, Chelsea is talking with Blessing Adesiyan, a mother of three, career professional, and the founder & CEO of Mother Honestly, a solution-driven platform and ecosystem that propels women forward in motherhood, work, and life. 

What we love most about the interview with Blessing is her commitment to promoting better policies and systems to support working moms. She’s passionate, ambitious, and we’re so excited to share her story with you. We’ll get into the details of how she’s been able to juggle it all as a mom with a full-time job and business while staying ambitious, what her upcoming free conference is all about, as well as her best advice for listeners who are wanting to make an even bigger impact in this world. 

(06:08) How Blessing juggles motherhood, working full-time, and running Mother Honestly while staying ambitious 

(14:52) Blessing shares a little about her new startup, Villo, which focuses on building a world where work, home, and life can co-exist 

(22:52) She explains the mission of The State of Black Mothers In America Conference and how can we better understand the experiences of black mothers  

(29:41) The amazing speaker lineup for The State of Black Mothers in America Conference starting on June 19, 2020 

(33:29) Blessing’s advice for mamas listening who want to do more to make an impact 

(37:03) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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