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How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome & Burnout with Christine Michel Carter

June 18, 2020

#042: In today’s episode, I’m talking to Christine Michel Carter, a global voice for working moms, a writer, speaker, marketing strategist, and creator of Mompreneur and Me. Christine shares her perspective on a few important issues all working moms face—the illusive question of balance, handling impostor syndrome, and avoiding that dreaded burnout. Whether you’re wearing many hats like Christine or just trying to get a handle on your career while parenting, I think we all struggle with burnout, and today’s episode will help you avoid just that. 

(09:04) How to overcome the barrier of reaching out and asking for help when you really need it 

(14:51) How to overcome anxiety and impostor syndrome to feel more comfortable when public speaking or putting yourself out there 

(17:13) What summit syndrome is and how it ties to perfectionism 

(27:17) Christine explains what Momprenuer and Me is and how it works 

(40:32) The benefits of women having their own businesses and how to network with others to improve your confidence and overcome impostor syndrome 

(49:17) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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