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How to Own Your Success As a Breadwinning Mom with Sarah Li-Cain

July 23, 2020

#052: In today’s episode, I’m talking with Sarah Li-Cain, finance writer and host of the podcast, Beyond the Dollar. Sarah’s approach to personal finance - blending practical tips and mindset strategies - has led her to become the breadwinner of her family. So for today’s topic, we’re going to discuss why there are still taboos about breadwinning moms, how Sarah’s career grew to take her from teacher to stay-at-home mom to breadwinner, and why she wants more moms to feel confident becoming and being a breadwinner at home. 


(01:56) Sarah’s journey to becoming a breadwinning mom  

(13:57) How we can be better at owning our earning power and not be afraid to be proud of what we’re earning   

(19:46) How childcare and housework has shifted for Sarah’s family since she started earning so much more  

(27:45) How Sarah went from frugal DIYer to paying for value over price 

(32:03) How Sarah became a freelance writer by accident   

(46:40) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 


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