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How to Raise Confident and Entrepreneurial Kids with Leah Remillet

May 14, 2020

#032: In today’s episode, I’m talking with Leah Remillet from The CEO Kid. Leah is an international speaker and trainer specializing in business growth without compromise. Her mission is to activate leadership and business skills in kids to prepare the next generation of self-reliant, confident entrepreneurs. We’ll cover how to teach your kids about money management, prepare them for success in the workforce, and encourage them to flex their entrepreneurial skills. Leah is so much fun to talk to, and I guarantee that by the end of this episode, your mind will be racing with ideas to implement with your own kids. 

(04:27) Leah’s Advice for moms forced into homeschooling that are trying to come up with ideas and activities for their kids during this time 

(07:51) How to prepare your kids with the skills necessary to enter the real world and workforce 

(16:18) How to encourage your kids to build their people management skills so they can understand how to relate to other people 

(24:47) Why entrepreneurship is so powerful in teaching kids creative problem solving, the number one thing employers look for 

(38:00) How to teach your kids money management skills with the profits from their business idea 

(53:50) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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