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How to Spring Clean Your Life With the KonMari Method with Cassidy Nasello

April 8, 2021

#102 In today's episode, I'm talking with certified personal coach, Cassidy Nasello. I wanted to bring Cassidy on the show to share how using the KonMari method (of Marie Kondo) can help you do a reset on your life as you dive into spring cleaning. 

We're talking about the best place to start using the KonMari Method, the deeper emotional work you will dive into, and how you can even simplify and declutter your finances.

(3:45) Learn how Cassidy took the plunge to start her own business even as a typically risk-averse personality

(06:03) Listen to Cassidy describe why the KonMari Method is way more about your vision for your life than it is about tidying and systems 

(14:29) Discover how you can use the KonMari Method even as a busy mama 

(18:35) Find out how you can declutter without filling up the landfills at the same time 

(32:29) Listen to how Cassidy and her husband simplify and declutter their finances

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