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Navigating Your Family’s Finances with an Autistic Child with Brynne Conroy

April 16, 2020

#024: Trying to navigate the world of personal finances can be challenging with a special needs child. Fortunately, there are resources that can help. 

In this episode, Brynne Conroy of Femme Frugality shares her extensive knowledge on how to navigate the world of personal finances with an autistic child. She’ll cover how to help your child get the resources they need, how to budget, plan, and save for expenses associated with a special needs child, how to prepare your child to advocate for themselves when they enter adulthood, and some insight on how to support special needs children and their families.

(11:17) How you can advocate for your child during the diagnosis process and what you can do to help them get the resources they need 

(21:15) What ABLE accounts do and how you can use them 

(25:28) Why having a special needs trust is better than just naming your child as a beneficiary of an insurance policy 

(30:00) How you can budget, plan, and save for what your upcoming expenses may be with a special needs child 

(34:39) How to prepare your children to advocate for themselves in seeking a career advice for them 

(40:58) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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Access Brynne's free Medicaid & Autistic Children: A State-By-State Guide for details on what benefits your child may be eligible for! 

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