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Teaching Your Kids to Be Independent in the Kitchen with Erin Chase

July 13, 2020

#049: In this episode, I’m talking with Erin Chase, founder of $5 Dinners and MyFreezEasy. Her new project Whis-Kid, which was born out of the COVID shutdown, is helping give thousands of kids an important life skill—healthy, affordable cooking—and can create helpers for you at home! Erin will share how her cooking curriculum and guided videos work for teaching kids to cook, the perfect tasks in the kitchen for every age group, and how to handle the dreaded clean-up after your kids cook in the kitchen. Her tips are so fun and will make you want to get in the kitchen to try out a new recipe with your littles. 

(01:25) Erin shares her quarantine project and how it’s since helped thousands of kids 

(14:11) The perfect age for you to start cooking with your kids and being intentional with cooking lessons 

(25:45) Where you can start if you’ve never felt like you have great cooking skills 

(27:53) As kids are leaving the nest and going off to college, here are the basic kitchen necessities that they will need  

(34:52) How to handle cleanup in the kitchen with your kids so it doesn’t drive you crazy 

(41:20) Chelsea’s Top Takeaways 

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