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Understanding and Healing Your Financial Anxiety with Lindsay Bryan-Podvin

February 20, 2020

#008: Having a healthy mindset surrounding money doesn't guarantee that financial anxiety won’t ever creep in. In fact, financial anxiety is a normal, and very common, emotion that we all experience, no matter where we are on our financial journey. Learning how to conquer that anxiety is crucial to stopping negative beliefs about our abilities and what we’re able to achieve when it comes to our money. 

Lindsay Bryan-Podvin—founder of Mind Money Balance and author of the brand new book, The Financial Anxiety Solution—combines financial literacy with the emotional and psychological side of money. In today’s episode, Lindsay is going to take us on a journey into how she came to focus on financial anxiety and why deprivation-based personal finance advice isn’t for everyone. She’ll explain how you can identify your own sources of anxiety surrounding money and steps you can take to create healthier money stories. 

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